Phenomenology as Clue to Phenomena

The spiritual application of the “natural” application of the human male socio-sexual hierarchy is explained by elder brother Ed. Great straight-forward read as it relates to our current modern Western world. Amen.

Do What's Right

It seems a good time to point out something that may not be obvious.

For those of you familiar with philosophy as an academic pursuit, you recognize that I use the terms and some ideas from Phenomenology. You may also recognize that I take them in a different direction entirely. My underlying assumption is that all of Creation is alive, sentient and willful. If the question is first-person experience of reality, then we have to treat reality as the second person. Meanwhile, every other human is by birth alienated from Creation and from their divine heritage.

Jesus set the pattern in no uncertain terms: We speak to Creation as a person. With His authority, Creation responds as a person under authority. The Roman Centurion had it right (Matthew 8:1-17). This kind of authority is what we surrendered in Eden, and to some degree it is restored by following Christ.


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